CMS and the 3 Most Popular ASP.NET Options


CMS (Content Management System), independently consist of procedures that will help your business manage work more efficiently. They can be used manually or with the use of your computer. These procedures will help your business share, control, retrieve and reduce the number of data inputted. CMS will also improve report writing and communication between users.

In addition to improving your business through procedures, CMS also have options available on the .NET framework that you can apply to your business. Three of the most popular ones are DotNetNuke (DNN), Kentico and Umbraco. These are ASP.NET (a web application that was developed by Microsoft) Content Management System options.

The following information provides an overview of the 3 most popular ASP.NET CMS options.

1. DotNetNuke (DNN)

This CMS option provides you with 3 available versions. There is the Community Edition, Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition. DNN (DNN .net CMS) has many templates that you can choose from and it is very easy to optimize. The content can be easily edited, simply through a standard web browser. You can even resize images, spell check your documents and edit your HTML. This option allows administrators to assign permissions to users, user groups, websites, single web pages, subscribers, and other types of users. The e-commerce solution even provides you with a main shopping cart option.

2. Kentico

Kentico provides you with 2 versions. There is the Free Edition and the Basic package. There are only 33 available templates provided by this option. It allows you to customize documents, fields and content design. You can also manage modules and site structure. There is a WYSIWYG that provides formatting, linking and insertion of images. It even supports Windows Authentication as well as Forms Authentication. The e-commerce feature also allows you to build an online store that integrates PayPal and capabilities. You can even use Google Sitemap as well as customize URLs.

3. Umbraco

The ASP.NET CMS option Umbraco has a free version and a Professional version. This option has a few templates but specifically designed for Umbraco. You can modify your content the way you want and you can integrate your Microsoft Word. It allows you to create many different users and assign them permissions. There is also an e-commerce application and module available.

These ASP.NET Content Management Systems options are 3 of the most popular ones on the market. However, before you select one, ensure that you target your specific needs and requirements. This way it will be easier to decide which option is best for you.

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