How to Decorate Your Bathroom in a Birdhouse Theme



Most people who enjoy decorating with a country flavor may decide to decorate their kitchen with a lovely and rustic birdhouse theme. Have you ever considered using the birdhouse theme for your bathroom? I just finished redecorating our upstairs bathroom in a birdhouse theme and it is just lovely. I am quite pleased with the finished result. Here are some ideas to redecorate your bathroom in a birdhouse theme that will make the room look bright and cheery as well as continue your country decorating theme throughout the house.
How To Decorate Your Bathroom In A Birdhouse Theme: Walls. Before beginning your birdhouse themed bathroom decorating project, you will first need to decide on a paint color for your walls. Country blue or yellow are perfect choices. A light taupe or warm beige will also provide a wonderful backdrop for your birdhouse theme decorations. White is many people’s choices for paint color in bathrooms because bathrooms are typically very small rooms and it seems like the best choice to open up the room and make it appear larger. Go against the grain and choose a bright and striking paint color. No matter what the size of your bathroom, a bold color instead of plain white will make the room very inviting and quite pleasing to the eye.

How To Decorate Your Bathroom In A Birdhouse Theme: Hardware. Birdhouse themed shower curtain hooks, drawer pulls for the vanity and pegs or hooks to hang up hand towels or bathrobes. Visit on line stores that specialize in country themed decor such as Tenderheart Treasures or Collections Inc. If you prefer to shop in physical stores and see and touch your merchandise before purchasing, most department stores that offer bathroom decorating items like wooden dinnerware sets, will have an ample supply of birdhouse themed hardware. If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, use your creativity and switch out any birdhouse hardware you find for the kitchen and use it in the bathroom instead.

How To Decorate Your Bathroom In A Birdhouse Theme: Wall Decor. Use a wallpaper border with a lovely birdhouse design to go around the perimeter of the ceiling of your bathroom. You may find birdhouse wallpaper border with the kitchen themed rolls, do not let that deter you from using it in your bathroom. Choose colors of the wallpaper border that complement the paint color you chose. If you enjoy stenciling, purchase a birdhouse stencil as well as a stencil of small birds. Stencil birdhouses around the top of your walls or around the bathroom in the center of the walls. You can also stencil several groupings of birdhouses with small birds around them wherever you think they will look most attractive. Department stores such as Kohl’s and Boscov’s carry many different themed framed prints in their home decorating sections. Choose several framed birdhouse prints to hang in your bathroom. Keep space perceptions in mind. Hang smaller pictures in smaller places and larger prints on larger sized walls.

How To Decorate Your Bathroom In A Birdhouse Theme:Bathroom Decor Extras. Hang a shelf or two in your bathroom and arrange miniature decorative birdhouses on them. Set a large decorative birdhouse in the corner on the floor surrounded by sprigs of artificial greenery. If you have an empty corner that can fit it comfortably, purchase a two tiered wicker or white stand. Use the bottom shelf to hold extra hand towels and place a decorative birdhouse on the top shelf. Arrange artificial ivy to surround the birdhouse and hang down the sides for a lovely touch.

With a little imagination and the ability to think outside the box, you can design your own personalized birdhouse themed bathroom that you and your family will just love.


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