Fashion trends to get excited about in 2018


Fashion is something that never stays permanent. It keeps changing every few decades, and you can never hold them back. Fashion has always created a stir in the market, and they have been commented on, followed and redefined by a lot of people. So here are some of the fashion trends that are here to stay and the ones that will make 2018 a year to remember.

Various fashion trends in 2018


It’s been 18 years, Pantone is choosing a colour as the colour of the year, based on the how the presentation and based on the support that they have received from the people for their choice in the secret meeting with representatives of various nations. It will be held two times a year in the European capital. The colour of this year is UltraViolet. As the trend is set to this colour, we can see most of the people often wearing dresses with shades of Ultra Violet colour or the colour itself.

Big Sleeves:

Nowadays we see everyone wearing big sleeves in various styles. There are various designs with big sleeves which are trending these days. Few of them are Balloon Sleeves, Cold Shoulder, Cape dresses, Fish Cuts or Bell Sleeves and many more. We hear these words often in the market. We see western outfits with the above-mentioned sleeves in the market. We also see Indian outfits too with the sleeves mentioned above as the trending ones. These sleeves resemble 19nth century. The trend is repeating from century to century. Most of these sleeve designs are trending with ¾th sleeves. Nowadays the sleeveless trend went down as these are the most trending ones.


Red Look:

Red has always been a sexy colour. Most of the girls choose Red on the special occasions like dinner dates and many more. But the present trend is choosing everything Red from head to toe. Though it is not the colour of the year, it attracts every eye passing by. The overall look consists of Red dress, Red shoes, Red hat, Red Nail polish, Makeup with Red shades and many more. It will be an awful moment for the people watching out the women in Red.


The sheer outfits are trending these days. It is majorly promoting transparency for any personalities with the best look. This model is designed for women who feel shy and uncomfortable in exposing their body parts. Sheer help to cover the parts that are exposing with a net. This has become a trend, and everyone started following this particular trend.

Plastic Jackets:

Any outfit with a plastic Jacket and plastic accessories is trending now. It goes well with only western outfits. As long jackets are trending ones too. Women are choosing the Plastic jacket which is long enough and looks good when we wear any type of western dress.


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